Kairangi Village





Project details


- Full landscape  service 9,600m2 area consisting of 55 lots. 


Subdivision siteworks   

Our subdivision services include but is not limited to surveying, drainage design/construction, associated utility construction (power, telecom and gas), geotechnical engineering, earthworks, roading/ kerbing/berm/foot path construction, street light installation, reinstatement and soft landscaping. 


Groundworks Ltd are consistently exploring new technologies that improve quality, efficiency for our clients whilst reducing damaging effects on surround ecologies.



Present / past projects: 

Riverstone Terraces






Project details

- 25,600m2 area consisting of 79 lots, along Lila lane, Riverstone Dr, Cory Jane Groove.  

Woodridge site entrance fencing barricade and signage.jpg

Woodridge site entrance fencing barricade and signage.jpg


Project details

- 41,800m2 area consisting of 31 lots, along Red Beech Ave and Cedarwood Street


Thatcher Street subdivision - completed

Kairangi Village subdivision Mirimar - completed

Riverstone Subdivision Riverstone Terrace - completed

Rugby Street subdivision - completed

Woodridge Estate Woodridge - completed

Wright Street Townhouse development - completed

Rintoul Street Townhouse development - completed

Oakleigh Street subdivision Mangaraki - completed

The Boundary subdivision Karori - completed

Spenmore Street subdivision Newlands - completed

The Pinnacles subdivision Seatoun - completed

Lorne Street Townhouse development - completed

Tory Street Apartments development - completed

St Ives subdivision - completed

Cambourne - completed

Dune Apartment development - completed

Cashmore Heights subdivision Mandalay Terrace - completed




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