Rugby St 







Project details:

1500mm Concrete Pipe 


Our expertise covers all aspects of public/private drainsWe respect the surrounding  environment and are determined to uphold a standard of excellence in our services for healthier and safer communities within the Wellington region. We focus on delivering innovative approaches to provide cost effective, resilient and reliable solutions. 


We take responsibility for our contribution in the larger scale of things to make sure the needs of sensitive ecologies and surrounding environments are implemented in all projects. striving for cleaner harbours, healthier streams/ecologies and protection from flooding.

Present / past projects: 

Stormwater upgrade






Project details

Completed July 2015


- 375mm Storm boss

- 410m @ 375mm 

- 38m @ 450mm  


Porirua College stormwater upgrade - under construction

Messines Road and Braithwatte Street Stormwater renewal - completed

Major Drive Stormwater upgrade - complete

257 Hutt Road Stormwater Renewal - completeWaterloo Quay Stormwater upgrade - completed


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