Thatcher Crescent
Project details

- All Wastewater and Stormwater drains installed by Groundworks.


- All site works completed by Groundworks  


Our expertise covers all aspects of public/private drains; consisting of PVC and HDPE pipes including procedures such as pipe ramming (avoiding damage to delicate walls, structures etc) and fusion wielding.  We at Groundworks Limited are commited to delivering sanitary and efficient wastewater systems. 

We strive to deliver innovative approaches to provide cost effective, resilient and reliable solutions. We take responsibility for our contribution in the larger scale of things to make sure waste water systems are thoroughly safeguarded from infiltrating sensitive ecologies. 

Present / past projects: 


Boyd Wilson  
Sewer upgrade 









- 150 Wastewater 

- Installation of Manholes 


Plimmerton Wastewater - completed


Alfred Street Wastewater/Sewer Renewal - completed


Tasman Street Wastewater/Sewer and Stormwater upgrade - completed


Waikowhai Street Wastewater/Sewer renewal - completed


Oxford Street Wastewater/Sewer renewal - completed


Tirangi Road Wastewater/Sewer renewal - completed




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