Kairangi Village





Project details


- Full landscape  service 9,600m2 area consisting of 55 lots. 


Emerald Hill
Inlet / Outlet renewals,
Replacement of Flow meter, Asv, bypass chamber and Telemetry hutt 
Pipe material: CLS, HDPE 
Total length:  600m 
Method: Open trenching and Pipe bursting 

Water reticulation 

We at Groundworks Ltd are determined to uphold a standard of excellence in our services for healthier communities within the Wellington region. We focus on delivering innovative solutions to provide cost effective, resilient and reliable solutions. 


We take responsibility for our contribution in the larger scale of things to make sure people have secure, dependable drinking water, efficient wastewater collection and treatment, cleaner harbours, healthier streams/ecologies and protection from flooding.

Present / past projects: 

Larsen Cres / 680m
Olivia Cres / 680m 
Massey St
Roberts St
McLellan St 
Ranui Tce

Water main renewal / Ductile Iron 

Look out Road,
Robieson street 

Project details

ASV installation and Rising water main renewal / Ductile Iron 


Tasman St
Water renewal
Project details
length: 700m

Type: 914mm OD Concrete Lined Steel 

CBD and 
Mt Victoria 
Project details
length: 700m

Type: 200mm Cement Lined Ductile Iron PN 35 /

63MMpolyethylene pipe

Newlands Watermain renewal - completed

Tawa Watermain - completed

Waru Street Watermain Renewal - completed

Marangi Road Watermain renewal - completed 

Darlington Road and Greenway Watermain renewal Strathmore - completed

Roseneath Reservoir Watermain renewal Roseneath - completed

Britomart Street Watermain renewal - completed

CBD and Mount Victoria Watermain renewal - completed

Miramar and Strathmore Watermain renewal - completed

Hepara Street Watermain renewal - completed

Davis Street culvert strengthening - completed

Tasman Street watermain upgrade - completed

PS33 Pumping Station Rising Main renewal - completed

Mornington Road Watermain renewal - completed

Centreport Watermain renewal - completed

Karori Pumping Station renewal - completed


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PO Box 45120